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  • AOC, 40%, delicious, refreshing, with aromas of anise, fennel, spices, herbs, lemon of the family distillery Greek Katsarou ouzo the oldest in the world. Enjoy on ice, sometimes slightly diluted, as an aperitif, as a digestif or as an accompaniment to seafood and fish.

  • 45%, the "Grand Cru" of the pastis, delicate, elegant, complex, very well-balanced, rich in aromas of 65 plants and spices which confers its unique character. Original and flavourful, it allows to accompany a meal of fishes, vegetables, spicy dishes …

  • 45%, Breton pastis, surprising and elegant with the enchanting aromatic power with delicate notes of aniseed and liquorice, finely vegetal and subtly spicy. Enjoy as an aperitif or as a relaxing moment, with fresh water or ice cubes depending on the desired aromatic power.

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